Estuary Shindig 

with Colin Woodard

September 11, 2018 at 5pm


Time for some fresh air and nature!


Protecting the estuary,

Starts with you.


The Ins and Outs of Conservation Work

A reflection on summertime work from our 2018 Maine Land Conservation Intern, Trent Stevens. Trent is spending 10 weeks with KELT, the Phippsburg Land Trust, and the Bates Morse Mountain Conservation Area & Shortridge Coastal Center.

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 Exotic Bush Honeysuckle

Exotic Bush Honeysuckle

Cheri's Top Five Invasives

Learn Cheri's tips and tricks to spot these top five outlaw plants in our area: 

Bittersweet Vine

Japanese Barberry

Bush Honeysuckle

Japanese Knotweed

Multiflora Rose

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Mindful Meditation Walk - August 18

KELT invites you to make some time for yourself and experience the power of mindfulness in nature.

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KELT Untapped: Birding in the Estuary - August 20

This month we're joined by Mike Fahay, avid local birder and bird photographer. Join us for a beverage or two at Bath Brewing Company at 5:30pm.

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Observe Nature's Splendor

KELT supports a variety of citizen science programs -- super opportunities to collect observations and data about the estuary we all love!

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We are grateful for the support of this year's

Estuary Business Partners

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