Protecting the estuary,

Starts with you.


Time for some fresh air and nature!


Get out on the trails this winter!

Helpful reminders and tips for enjoying the snowy preserve trails — includes a list of preserves with plowed parking lots!

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 Kathy Gravino photo

Kathy Gravino photo

New Trail at Higgins Mtn. Preserve

A new trail in Georgetown to hike, run, snowshoe, and explore!

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If it grows, it goes!

Garbage To Garden has added a second self-service kiosk in the City of Bath for residents to drop off compostable materials at the LOCAL Garden — located at the corner of High and Lemont Streets. Composting helps to reduce waste and to benefit the environment.

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KELT Hunting Information 2018

KELT is committed to providing access for low-impact and traditional recreation including hunting, where appropriate. Learn where we permit hunting and what to do if you want to hunt on a KELT property. Don’t forget to wear your blaze orange!

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Observe Nature's Splendor

KELT supports a variety of citizen science programs -- super opportunities to collect observations and data about the estuary we all love!

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We are grateful for the support of this year's

Estuary Business Partners

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