Higgins Mountain Preserve


In 2000, the Higgins Mountain Preserve was donated to the Land Trust. This preserve provides stunning views of the coast from atop the bedrock outcrops of the mountain. A short loop trail leads from a small parking lot on the west side of Rt. 127 and winds through the forest to the rocky summit.

Picking blueberries and huckleberries!

Picking blueberries and huckleberries!


For the protection of sensitive habitat and wildlife, no pets are permitted.

Higgins Mountain is one of the highest points on Georgetown Island, with an elevation of 259 feet above sea level. The lower slopes of the mountain are dominated by red oak, maple, and birch, creating habitat for warblers, woodpeckers, and owls. Pitch pine and blueberries grow on the upper slopes, and rare broom crowberry, a low growing shrub, is found in the shallow soils between rocky outcrops at the summit. Deer, fox, and racoon forage on the land.

Higgins Mountain was burned in the Great Georgetown fire of 1908, and has experienced smaller fires since then. In the summer of 2003, a wildfire burned two acres at the top of the mountain. Land Trust volunteers are closely watching the recovery of the vegetation.


“Living on the old Higgins Farm just across the road, I remember it vividly, an unforgettable evening with the mountain visibly blazing, firefighters toiling up and down the trail carrying water packs, and a great deal of concern about how far it would spread. We are so fortunate to have Higgins Mountain Preserve and all of KELT’s efforts. Thank you!” – Preserve Neighbor

Higgins Mountain History

1650 - Georgetown Island was acquired by early European settlers from the Abenaki sagamore Robert Hood.

1759 - A Kennebec Proprietors’ map shows the Higgins Mountain area as part of a large tract owed by Mathew McKinney, a cobbler who emigrated from Scotland around 1730.

1849 - Higgins Mountain area was given to Jane McKinney Higgins “in consideration of kind and faithful services” to her father. Her farmhouse was nearby on the east side of the town road.

1986 - The Higgins Mountain area was acquired by Warren Todd.

2000 - Higgins Mountain area was donated to KELT by Billie Todd (Mrs. Warren Todd) after the death of her husband.

Leaping just a bit higher than the highest point of Higgins Mountain.

Leaping just a bit higher than the highest point of Higgins Mountain.

- Driving Directions -

Take Rt. 127 south from Rt. 1, go 7.6 miles,roadside parking & kiosk for preserve on the right.
Marked trails and lovely view from top of mountain. View Map.


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