Working to Support People & Nature in a Changing Climate

KELT is helping people and nature to prepare for the serious challenges brought on by our changing climate such as warmer temperatures, more extreme storms, drought, less snow, coastal storm surges, and sea level rise. By approaching these formidable challenges with local projects and partnerships, KELT aims to be a reliable climate change resource for you and your neighbors. We want to make climate change understandable and offer practical actions to make our midcoast Maine communities resilient to present and future changes. What is KELT doing now?

We could work together, not let the water rise
Make a very good plan, yes, that would be wise.
— Excerpt from 'Floods', a poem by 6th grade Bath Middle School student Marissa Williams

Tracking Changes
we see today

Recording observations and documenting how plants and animals are changing along with their environments.



Conserving the places that plants, wildlife, and people need to thrive and to move within as conditions change.


Trapping carbon and controlling floods

Conservation and restoration projects to get carbon out of the atmosphere and to help control flood waters.


Keeping you

Creating local programs and supporting initiatives to give folks information about the changing climate and how to best prepare.