Photo credit: Anna Christie-Carnicella

Photo credit: Anna Christie-Carnicella


Why Monitor birds on KELT's Preserves?

KELT’s mission to instill an appreciation of the land, water, and wildlife of the Kennebec Estuary starts with learning about the habitats that make up the estuary as well as the plants and animals that make it their home or pass through during migration.

As land is protected, KELT staff and volunteers strive to gather as much information about the wildlife present on the preserves, but the power of on-going observation strengthens the impact of these conservation efforts.

By monitoring birds year-round on KELT preserves, we can make management decisions, like trail routing and usage, that consider birds and other wildlife.

Birds are crucial in our estuary ecosystem, dispersing seeds, pollinating plants, and recycling nutrients back into the ecosystem. Birds also provide an incredible connection for humans to the natural world and we want to ensure that we are protecting their needs on our lands.