Bird Monitoring

Birders of all abilities "adopt" a KELT preserve and report what species they observe throughout the year. This information helps KELT make management decisions. Volunteers also have the opportunity to help KELT staff evaluate potential land protection projects, helping to impact conservation in the estuary.

This program is possible through support from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Davis Conservation Foundation.
Photo credit: Anna Christie-Carnicella

Photo credit: Anna Christie-Carnicella

Why monitor birds?

By monitoring birds year-round in the Kennebec Estuary, you can help us make important decisions about how KELT preserves are used and which lands are important for birds.

Photo credit: Archie Bonyun

Photo credit: Archie Bonyun

How you can help

  • "Adopt" a KELT preserve to monitor
  • Help assess birds for land protection projects
  • Record all of your birding observations in eBird
  • Take photos of birds for KELT to use
  • Attend a KELT bird walk
  • Spread the word!
Photo credit: Archie Bonyun

Photo credit: Archie Bonyun

Learn about bird monitoring and its impact

KELT's Bird Monitoring Program will have direct impacts within the Kennebec Estuary, the work that we do, and in the larger conservation landscape.

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helpful links

Learn more about using eBird to record data, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's bird identification resources, binocular reviews, and more!