Nequasset Alewife Count

Every spring, the alewives migrate to Nequasset Lake to spawn.  Volunteers help us to count the fish that reach the lake each year.  Volunteering takes two hours or less, and volunteers of all ages are invited to take part in this fun citizen science project.  You can choose to count once in the season or come back many times.

Why Count Fish?

The Nequasset fish count helps to support Nequasset's alewife population and annual harvest.  It can also help to check how well the fish ladder is working.  Visit this section to learn more about the restoration of the Nequasset fish ladder and the Nequasset alewife harvest.

Sign-Up To Count

Counting fish at Nequasset is fun and easy!  Sign-up for a two hour block and count for any two 10 minute periods in that block.

Counting Instructions

Visit this section to find directions to the fish ladder and instructions for how to count.  A copy of the counting instructions will also be at the ladder, in the bin with the other supplies.


Stories from the Ladder

Read the latest updates from the fish ladder. Spot a cool critter? Witness an amazing natural scene? Capture a splendid photo? Have a fun experience? Share it with us on our fishy blog. 

Results from Past Fish Counts

The fish count at Nequasset started in 2012.  Check out this section to find out details about the number of fish counted each year, when they were counted, and how the count relates to the harvest.