Water Quality Sampling

A team of KELT volunteers sample water at 19 coastal sites in Georgetown and Phippsburg every other week between May and October.  They visit beautiful sites in the region and collect important information about the waters of the estuary.


Why Sample?

Sampling helps us to understand the variability and health of the tidal waters that border our communities.  These waters are vital for fishing, clamming, swimming, boating, and the rich variety of local fish and wildlife.  This allows us to see the variation across the estuary, track changes that occur, and identify any areas of concern.  It is also a great excuse to visit some beautiful sites along the coast!


Become a Water Sampler

Contact Ruth Indrick to become a volunteer water sampler or find out more about the sampling program.




Learn about sampling

KELT's volunteer water sampling program tests for characteristics like salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, water clarity, and phytoplankton.  The sampling program follows specific procedures to gather information about the water. Each characteristic can reveal interesting insights about the estuary.


What We've Found Out about the estuary

Maps! Reports! Data! Learn what we've found out since starting our volunteer water sampling program in 2013.  This section is still a work in progress, and we'll update it as new information and analyses are completed.