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KELT Untapped

  • Bath Brewing Company 141 Front Street Bath, ME, 04530 United States (map)

Come Experience KELT Untapped

Bath Brewing Company photo

Bath Brewing Company photo

KELT has a happy hour event with Bath Brewing Company!

When: Monday, September 17 at 5:30pm

Where: Bath Brewing Company

This informal chat will be a chance for folks to discuss topics they've been curious about with local experts, learn more, and have a beverage (or two).

At the fifth KELT Untapped, we will chat about ticks in the Kennebec Estuary!

This month we're joined by Dr. Nananda Col, Georgetown resident and physician.

Are ticks different sizes at different times of year? What types of bug spray provide the best protection against ticks?  How many different types of diseases can ticks carry?  What should you do if you find a tick on you?  How is Lyme disease treated?  At this month's KELT Untapped, you'll have the chance to join Dr. Nananda Col for a conversation about ticks and find out the answers to these questions and more.  Dr. Col has firsthand experience with ticks after catching two tick-borne diseases due to not taking tick precautions while mushroom foraging.  Now, she shares presentations with local groups about things people can do to protect themselves from ticks and tick-borne diseases.  Nananda is also part of a group of Georgetown citizens working together to identify ways to control tick populations on the island.

Tiny ticks trapped in tape!

Tiny ticks trapped in tape!


Limited Space! Let us know you will be joining us by contacting KELT at 207-442-8400 or using the google form below:

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