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KELT Plan Your Giving & Leave A Legacy

A Guide To Legacy Gifts 

Legacy Gifts- a bequest, a gift in life insurance or another asset- are critical to the long-term success of KELT.

For many KELT supporters, planned or estate gifts create a significant and meaningful way to ensure that their passion for the estuary endures. 


How do i set up a legacy gift and become a member of the kennebec estuary legacy society?

You can make a legacy gift by establishing a provision in your estate plan that will direct a gift of money or property to KELT at some point in the future. There are a variety of ways to make a legacy gift:

A bequest in a will or living trust
A beneficiary designation for annuity or bank account
A beneficiary designation for an annuity or life insurance policy

By law, all of these gifts are revocable. Many can also be made contingent on particular circumstances.


What Can I give? 

Many types of assets can be used for a future gift including: 

Cash, stock, mutual funds or savings bonds
Retirement accounts such as 401ks & IRAs
Real estate, business interests and closely held stock, person property (It's best to discuss giving these types of assets with KELT personally before setting up a legacy gift)

How Will my legacy gift be used? 

You can choose to designate your gift for an existing endowed fund, direct it towards a KELT program or activity, or make an unrestricted gift. 

If you are interested in establishing a new endowed fund, it's best to determine the fund terms direct with KELT now instead of putting them in your will or other future gift instrument. By letting KELT know about your intention to make a legacy gift, you can be assured the structure is in place to fulfill your philanthropic goals exactly the way you envision. 


How do I join the kennebec estuary legacy society? 

The decision to support KELT with a legacy donation involves careful consideration. Inquires and conversations about gift planning are held in the strictest confidence. KELT does not create budgets or make plans that count upon future gifts before they are realized. Just know that KELT is very grateful to you for making plans to leave a legacy of whatever amount for the future of the land trust. 


If you have any questions about the process or want to learn more, please contact us: 

Carrie Kinne, Executive Director (207) 442-8400


Please note: We do not give legal or financial advice, and this information should not be construed as such. We encourage you to consult your legal or financial adviser.


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