Stories from the Marsh: Bird Monitoring at Back River Creek

Mud, marsh, birds, sunrise, science! This summer, KELT’s Bowdoin Fellow, Ely Spencer, helped out with a project we’re coordinating at the Back River Creek Marsh to learn about this marsh system. To learn about part of his experience and some of the findings from the marsh, check out Ely’s blog post: Back River Bird Monitoring.

The bird monitoring is one piece of a larger project that KELT is coordinating with a variety of partners this summer to gather information about Back River Creek Marsh and Marsh Creek in Woolwich. Over the next several months, we will be learning a lot more about the birds, plants, soil, water flow, water salinity, methane, and elevation.  The goal of the work is to identify how Route 1 and George Wright Road could be changed to improve the habitat of this impaired marsh system, protect Route 1 from flooding, and increase road safety. 

More news about this project will be coming soon!

Ruth Indrick