KELT Hunting Information 2017


KELT is dedicated to the protection of the land, water, and wildlife of the Kennebec Estuary region. With ten preserves open year-round dawn until dusk for the public’s enjoyment, the land trust is committed to providing access to these public lands for low-impact and traditional recreation including hunting, where appropriate.

Hunting is allowed at eight preserves:

Hunting is not permitted on Green Point Preserve in West Bath and Merrymeeting Fields Preserve in Woolwich due to the donors request and deed restrictions, respectively.

KELT would like to remind both hikers and hunters to be cautious during the 2017 hunting season. When hiking on KELT trails or elsewhere during hunting season, wear visible orange clothing and exercise caution. As always, the KELT properties that allow dogs require the animals to be on leash at all times.

Hikers should note that according to Maine Law, hunting on Sunday is not permitted; however brightly colored clothing is still encouraged.

Hunters are asked to notify the land trust before hunting on a land trust property– Call 207-442-8400. Please use extra caution while on KELT property. KELT requests that hunters do NOT  hunt along the trails.

Please be aware that families are accustomed to hiking year-round.

Deer stands are by permission only and only as allowed by state law. Stands must be away from trails and marked with hunter’s name, address and phone number. No metal can be put in trees and cutting of trees or brush is not permitted.

Further information on hunting rules is available by contacting each city or town for local regulations and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife agency at

For more information, call (207) 442-8400 or email

Charlotte Thompson