Make a gift today to expand Lilly Pond Community Forest!

KELT has the opportunity to purchase 100+ acres directly south of Lilly Pond Community Forest. With your help we can protect this ecologically significant wetland, create a new parking area and trailhead from High Street and ensure more people can access nature!


More Project Details

Between southern Bath and West Bath lies over 1,600 acres of undeveloped forest. Lilly Pond Community Forest (LPCF) and this property just to the south are part of this vast forest. In the next few months KELT has the opportunity to forever protect this property and ensure public access, before it becomes the high-density development it was planned for.

The addition to Lilly Pond has two important conservation characteristics making it worth protecting: connectivity to a large habitat block and opportunity for recreation.
— Carrie Kinne, KELT Executive Director

The freshwater wetland on the property is crucial habitat for songbirds, frogs, wood ducks and nesting birds of prey. The vast forest is prime habitat for foxes and white-tailed deer.

Diverse users of the area and the City of Bath have identified this part of south Bath as a vitally important recreational community asset that embodies the character of our community. It is extremely rare to have such an extensive intact land area in a city, which creates immense opportunity for recreation. Importantly, this project would create a better access point along High Street for access to all of this land.

Conservation of this property will ensure a balanced outcome for people, plants and wildlife. We are raising significant funds through federal and private grants, and a generous bargain sale. We need you and our community to help us protect this important land!

Future Recreational Opportunities If Protected:

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