Sewall Woods Preserve Demonstration Forest

During spring 2017, KELT conducted a timber harvest at Sewall Woods Preserve as part of a larger demonstration forest project to showcase sustainable forestry practices. Harvesting is complete! Learn more about this project below.


The Story

KELT hopes that this harvest will not only benefit the woodlands and wildlife of the preserve, but will also provide a unique experience for its many users, encouraging the spread of sound forest stewardship practices throughout our region.


Where did we Harvest in the Preserve?

This stand map shows the areas covered by the different forest types found at Sewall Woods Preserve (numbers) and the associated management recommendations. Stands 1 and 3 were harvested, while the other stands remain to retain shoreline trees, avoid soil damage in wet areas, or allow stand development.

Amanda Mahaffey photo

Amanda Mahaffey photo

Learn More!

KELT sees large educational potential in this project. Join us for public walks to learn more.

Educational signage will also be installed along the trails to explain the resulting long-term changes to the forest.